Public Discourse

The Latin American Discourse project seeks to chronicle and digitize the universe of speeches from Latin American presidents in the past century. Specifically, we are creating a database that contains all speeches from the presidents of Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Mexico from 1900 to the present. This rich resource provides material to identify the ways in which Latin American leaders use words to lay out their agendas, motivate their followers and achieve their policy programs. Our research within the database has focused on identifying presidents who utilize populist rhetoric and in sorting through various understandings of democracy. Prof. Kirk Hawkins has developed a method of scoring leaders on a scale of populism and has applied this method to speeches of recent and current leaders worldwide. The database can be used, however, for a wide variety of queries including helping researchers explore differences between countries and changes in rhetoric across time. This collection provides fascinating insight into the nature of political discourse and can be used as a foundation to explore relationships on the causes and consequences of speech.

Characteristics of Populist and Pluralist Discourse

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